October Minutes 2018

2018_10_18 edfpd meeting minutes

625 COURT ST STE 204
WOODLAND, CA 95695-3490
MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD October 18, 2018 Davis Fire Station 33, 425 Mace Boulevard, Davis, CA
PRESENT: Commissioners John Lindsey, Dave Robert, Michael McMahon, Bill Weisgerber
ABSENT: Commissioner Cheryl Ewing
OTHERS PRESENT: Davis Fire Department Chief Daryl Arbuthnott

Chair McMahon called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.


 Motion by Weisgerber, seconded by Robert, to accept the minutes of the meeting held on September 20, 2018; approved unanimously.


Robert reported that he had been in contact with Mark Krummenacker and that Krummenacker will be preparing our financial reports and budgets for the coming year. Robert will follow up with Krummenacker to make sure the required filings are done and will get an invoice from him for payment before the next meeting as the Board has already approved the invoice.


Weisgerber opened the discussion by raising a concern that the funding of the survey might be out of the scope of the Board’s authority because the project is not directly related to fire service or prevention. If such action was outside the Board’s authority, this could raise a Proposition 218 concern as this could be a misuse of funds. Lindsey agreed that this could be an issue and volunteered to obtain a legal opinion on this matter from the County Counsel and outside counsel as well. A vote on the funding will take place after Lindsey has obtained the opinions and can report back to the Board.


The Board then moved on to discussing the Davis Fire Department request for $40,000 to fund the purchase of technical gear to be used by the Department. The Board reviewed the financial reports prepared by Mark Krummenacker and agreed that there are sufficient amounts in the unrestricted reserves to fund this amount. Chief Arbuthnott updated the Board on current needs including possible water rescue gear to be used within the District and elsewhere and also explained how there is a budget shortfall within the Department due to personnel additions which exacerbates the need to find outside funding for items like the technical gear. The Board asked Chief Arbuthnott to provide an updated list of the needed items so that the Board can decide on funding the items individually instead of granting a fixed amount to ensure that the gear funded was of direct benefit to the District in accordance with the Board’s authority and mission. Chief Arbuthnott agreed to provide a list so that the Board could vote on the funding request at the January 2019 meeting. 


No update.


Chief Arbuthnott told the Board that the Department is about to complete its Standards of Cover review.

The Department has identified some shortcomings with the most notable being the lack of in-house Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) and that the Department does not have its own ladder truck which forces the Department to rely on the UC Davis ladder truck which is often unavailable and not properly staffed. Davis is the only city in the County that does not have its own CAD system and must rely on the Davis Police Department dispatch system which is not ideal for speed, accuracy, or record keeping. Chief Arbuthnott is going to recommend that the City adopts NAFP Standard 1710 which will require a response time of 4 minutes to 90% of 911 calls made within the city. Chief Arbuthnott is going to present the Standards of Cover review at the October 30 City Council meeting and asked that any Board members who are available attend to listen to the presentation and also express support for Chief Arbuthnott’s suggestions to the Council.


 Chair McMahon reported that Commissioner Cheryl Ewing has resigned from the Board. Chair

McMahon will work with Supervisor Provenza to begin the process to find a replacement for Commissioner Ewing. The Board asked Chair McMahon to relay their thanks and appreciation for Commissioner Ewing’s many years of faithful service to the Board and the community.


  • Discuss funding of Putah Creek property survey and possible Proposition 218 issues
  • Discuss DFD request for firefighting equipment


January 17, 2019 at Davis Fire Station 33, 425 Mace Boulevard, Davis, CA 95616.


Motion by Robert, seconded by Weisgerber, to adjourn the meeting; approved unanimously at 7:19 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:  John W. Lindsey

Board Member